Our recommendation is that you purchase Punch Animation, Inc

Our recommendation is that you purchase URBT

Punch TV Studios will continue increasing its prodcution business through creative production along with planned endeavours while using the presented of their newest division: Punch TV Media Animation, Incorporated. OTC:URBT. Punch animation will target the producing of animated tv program and motion pictures meant for submitting through Punch TV Media.

Punch TV Studios, Incorporated. is investing one million dollars in Punch TV studios Animation OTC:URBT
. Joseph Collins took over as Head of the company of Punch TV studios Animation OTC:URBT
share symbol (URBT), recently Urban TV Network Corp, and now have worked hard to switch the organization approximately. Collins wanted to choose the best business design to progress the corporation. He believes that model was animation. We make an intense move to employ Leo Sullivan named firms COO. To strengthen the organization employed Floyd as its President of Creative Creation. “We experience kinds of include the one-two punch tv media read more the firm have got to pull out on the surface.” claims Mr. collins.

Punch TV Media Animation, Corporation. OTC:URBT
once were Black Television Corporation, that is the 1st African-American acquired TV network in the US.

The Head of Innovative Creation for that fresh Punch TV studios Animation, Incorporated. is legendary maker Floyd, as a read more famous animator, author, and super-hero animator. Floyd represents well known because of their videos Sleeping Beauty, Jungle Book, Toy Story, 101 get more info Dalmatians and Monsters, Inc. Floyd actually worked alongside the person himself, Walt Disney and brought years of expertise in animation and production to Punch tv studios Animation, Inc. (URBT)

Emmy Award winning Animator/Filmmaker, leo is using to the position as COO. Leo Sullivan is well known for his films Flash Gordon, Pac-Man, Iron Man, Tiny Toons Adventures, Scooby-Doo and Flintstones. Leo possesses half a century of experience with reference to animation and it is a credentialed tutor for State of Ca in Career Schooling Instructing. He also tutored at The Art Institute of guest teacher at University of california, los angeles and Compton College Animation Arts Dept, used many community organizations and has educated in addition to mentored youths that have gone on work in main moving picture studios.

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